Chess set

Board 32 x 32cm. Height of king: 9cm

The geometrical design of the pieces is inspired by the figures they represent and their movements on the board.


The king is the most important piece. Body and head are separated by a groove symbolizing the neck. It is the tallest piece of all.

The queen’s head is smaller than the king’s, and its edges are rounded, indicating an unlimited capacity to move in all directions.

From the union of the couple, we get the proportions of the pawns, the soldiers.

The diagonal moves of the bishop are illustrated by the bevel cut of the top of the figure. (In some countries, this piece is referred to as an elephant or a jester.)

The figure of the knight reflects that of the pawn, but with an L-shaped addition which not only symbolizes the horse’s mane, but also evokes the singular pattern of its movement.

The rook is characterized by a crenellated top which denotes its unlimited orthogonal movement.

The wood being a natural material presents slight differences in the drawing betas than the photos. 

Year: 2011

Design: David Tamame for enPieza eStudio

Artisanal manufacturing by enPieza eStudio in Spain

Board 32 x 32cm
Height of king: 9cm
Delivery time
1 week approx.
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