Volivik 347
Volivik 347
Volivik 347
Volivik 347
Volivik 347
Volivik 347
Volivik 347
Volivik 347

Volivik 347

Hanging lamp

55cm diameter, 80cm height.  

Large chandelier that plays with light and shadow through the use of Bic ® ballpoint pens. Its four horizontal tiers of various dimensions give it a majestic appearance and make it the focal point of attention. 

The Bic ® ballpoint pen is a famous icon of design which possesses all the characteristics needed to be used in this lamp: its sleek functional design, shape and materials, and also its social and economic essence. The perfect object in our eyes.


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This piece has become a model of upcycling. The crystal prisms that are expected in this kind of object have been replaced by 347 Bic® ballpoint pens, whose characteristics are so similar to the crystal prisms that the reflection and refraction effects are identical. Few people notice the novel use given to this commonplace stationery article. Yet, it is not the only article to which a new life is given: there are as many paper clips as pens, suspending the latter to the structure.

With this chandelier, everyday familiar items - Bic pens and paper clips - have been made a highly desirable object.

Edition limited to 30 units.

Year: 2006

Design: Lucas Muñoz for enPieza eStudio

Artisanal manufacturing by enPieza eStudio in Spain.

55cm diameter, 80cm height
Bic ballpoint pens ®
Carbon steel
Paper clips
4 LED E27, 220V, opal glass, 4W, 4000K
Delivery time
2 weeks approx.
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